who am I?


IMG_6517Hello!My name is Nefeli and this is my first post!First of all i am a ninja fun!I live in Greece and i have two lovely cats  ε>! I’m at the 7th grade of middle school and i really like volleyball .I LOVE playing with my friends and i want to say that my friend Evelina has a blog too(evelinaonline).My favorite subject at school is gymnastic and Odyssey. I am not really ace at Ancient Greek or at French but i am alive(good this^-^)!I have one brother(Apostoli) and one sister(Anna) too!Anna is studying at the university biology and Apostoli  is studying (at the university) Mining and Metallurgical Engineering.

I am 11years old but at 30 November i will be 12!My  BFF(Best Friends For ever) ARE Evelina,Alexander,Constantine and Billy.I have a lot of other good friends but they are the people that i am most playing with!I have to say too that this is the first and it could be the last post in english that i am writing. Well… The only thing i didn’t write about is for my mother(Daniela) and my father(Constantine). My mother is from Italy and she is working like a translator but she was teaching Italian too.My father has got a company about computers security (coresec.eu) and he is from Greece. Au!I didn’t mention what is my favorite song and film! The movie i like the most is Warm Bodies. I love all the songs of the band We The Kings! This is for today see ya in the next post! LOLLIPOP (I will say lot of times this word for no reason)!


2 thoughts on “who am I?

  1. Γεια σου, Νεφέλη. Εγώ θα τα γράψω στα Ελληνικά για να μην εκτεθούμε. Κατ΄αρχήν σε ξέραμε ήδη από αυτά που έχει γράψει μερικές φορές η Εβελίνα. Τώρα θα σε μάθουμε και καλύτερα διαβάζοντας το blog σου. Χελωνονιντζάκια κάτι σκαμπάζουμε πια – μετά από τόσα που έχουμε ακούσει – οπότε μη μας φοβάσαι, διαβάζουμε άνετα τα άπαντα των νίντζα. Εύχομαι να αποκτήσεις κι εσύ και η Εβελίνα σύντομα το δικό σας συνομήλικο κοινό και να γίνετε περισσότεροι οι έφηβοι bloggers και ειδικά όσοι είστε χελωνονιτζακιακοί. Καλή αρχή!


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